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Neurology for you: Nordic walking with sticks.

Nordic walking with sticks. Her health benefits.

Nordic walking with sticks (CX) is relatively new, but already popular all over the world.

It is difficult to overestimate its role for health of human

any age.

Differently, Nordic walking is called Norwegian, Nordic, Finnish – it is the same kind of walk.

With proper organization, it can provide invaluable help in

different diseases of the circulatory system, respiration, osteochondrosis of the spine, osteoporosis, arthritis of various joints, excess weight and many other problems.

The history of its origin

Nordic walking with sticks – a kind of walking using specially designed poles . similar to ski. It came through a Finnish skiers in pre-war time. Athletes sought in the summer not to lose its shape and began to walk on natural terrain without skis, using only skis and poles.

The effectiveness of Nordic walking was seen. Athletes in great shape began winter ski season, won the competition. In 80 – ies of sports medicine studied the beneficial effects on the body such workouts. Proved their effectiveness.

Nordic walking has spread first to the Nordic countries (therefore it is called the Scandinavian, Nordic or Norwegian). It subsequently became popular throughout Europe and the world.

In different countries there is an international Association of Nordic walkers. In Russia, this walk is relatively recent. But almost in all large cities there are clubs of her lovers.

In recent years, the Norwegian walk successfully applied not only in an overall improvement, but also for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes. For example, in Germany in a rehabilitation program after knee and hip joints are mandatory Nordic walking.

About the benefits of Nordic walking with poles for health

Any walk in rate is for the body recovery. When Nordic walking, due to the use of sticks, there is a more uniform and complete than during normal walking, working skeletal muscles.

This walk involved more than 90% of the muscles of the body. Because when walking with sticks, participate equally lower and upper (shoulder) belt. And this is its advantage.

As a result of well-coordinated, system operation, normal tone different muscle groups, often disrupted by stress . osteochondrosis of the spine

When doing SH practicing the work of all organs and systems. First of all improves the overall hemodynamics, cardiac output is increased, normal microcirculation. Brain activity and heart become more efficient.

Walking is the best way to normalize venous blood flow in the lower extremities. It is Nordic walking is also an excellent articular gymnastics.

Almost all joints, including the spine, shoulder, participate in the process. The poles reduces the possible undesirable effect on the spine and joints of increased body mass.

Except for the fact of harmonious physical activity, it is important that the action takes place outdoors, in the Park, the Park, on nature. Classes are often held in the team, accompanied by a pleasant communication, eliminate its deficiency at any age.

Long stay in air and physical fatigue (but not overload) normalize sleep . strengthen the emotional – volitional sphere, help with stress.

Nordic walking burns calories almost 50% more than normal walking. 60 minutes can be spent up to 400 and even up to 500 calories. Nordic walking promotes weight loss, rejuvenation, increased vitality. Uniform load on all muscle groups have a beautiful modelling effects on figure.

And, of course, it is difficult to overestimate the positive effect of walking on the coordinator, organizer of movements – the brain.

When walking improves hemodynamics main cerebral vessels and tiny capillaries, normalizes the delivery of nutrients to nerve cells.

Contraindications the Nordic walking include problems requiring emergency surgical intervention, the state of decompensation of various organs and systems, periods of exacerbation of chronic diseases, acute infectious processes.

If a man can move a normal walk, and with sticks, he too will be able to walk. It’s all in the individual approach and individual load.

Nordic walking Nordic influences health in harmony, universal. With proper, individual organizations, to eliminate congestion, it is available at any age.

CX economical, only requires a tracksuit, sneakers, special poles and desire.

The walk has a minimum of contraindications, is used for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation component in discirculatory encephalopathy, cognitive disorders.

Helps with diseases of the circulatory system, respiration, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis. stress. dizziness, encephalopathy . in the residual period after stroke (with minor and moderate symptoms), Parkinson’s disease, in diseases of the joints, obesity, sleep disorders and many, many other issues, it is difficult to list them all.

Nordic walking is a good primary and secondary prevention of many diseases. Primary will help to prevent their occurrence, and the secondary is to slow down the pace of progression.

CX greatly increases the effectiveness of different rehabilitation measures, helps.

Scandinavian (Northern, Norway) Nordic walking improves health, prolongs youth, energizing and optimistic.