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What to wear for a run.

What to wear on a run?

Very soon over the summer and coming autumn rains and cold weather. To train in this weather is not easy, however, for runners, this should not become a big problem. There’s always a solution and it’s important to choose the correct equipment.


This item is perhaps the most important in the selection of equipment for running. If the t-shirt and shorts, at first, can be your everyday clothes

out of the closet, then the choice of shoes should be treated professionally.

– Choose comfortable shoes, ” says eight-time world champion in athletics Natalia Nazarova. – No sneakers! This is better to forget. If you have seriously decided to run – buy lightweight, comfortable sneakers. If you in fact are less experienced, it is best to contact the salesperson at the store, because uncomfortable or the wrong shoes can be a serious problem.

Indeed, if the athlete wears the shoes of the wrong size or shape. this can bring big problems. Improperly fitted running shoes are risking to turn into blisters. corns, ingrown nails. valgus deformity of the feet with cones and protruding bones, and many others.

In addition, non-conforming shape of the Shoe leads to an imbalance of muscular load. which leads to knee problems. hip and ankle joints. Moreover, sports doctors say that improperly chosen shoes – one of the biggest causes of injuries to young athletes. Thus, look for comfortable shoes with good shock absorption, perfect your foot and your running style.

By the way, if you are not a beginner runner and are ready to overcome serious distance, for example, marathon, running shoes better to take a half size up, because in the long run, the foot arch starts to subside and the foot is stretched. For runners bodied sneakers better to take with a thick sole – for better cushioning.


Spring – summer

The selection of running apparel is not only dependent on the wishes and feelings of the athlete, but also on weather conditions. In the summer when it’s hot outside problems, obviously, less. Comfortable enough t-shirts and shorts. Although professional athletes notice that in hot weather runners have their secrets.

So, for women it is very important to wear good, comfortable, supportive top. It will greatly reduce the discomfort while running. Moreover, for Jogging choose the best synthetic form and not cotton. The thing is that synthetic fabric transports moisture away from the skin surface. Although more expensive. Also a good idea to be a waiver of 100% cotton socks. Wearing synthetic cross-country socks will help to avoid chafing and blisters.

– Choice of clothing is very important, ” said the bronze medalist of the Olympic games in London in the women’s 800 meters Ekaterina Pistogova. – Now developed lots of handy tops and tracksuits that make workouts more enjoyable to people of any body type and in any weather. The main thing that you liked everything. To set the mood at times quite beautiful and bright outfit.

Fall – winter

C the onset of autumn and then winter to train on the street becomes more difficult. However, for those who really want to get into a healthy lifestyle, weather conditions should not become a serious problem. Moreover, it has developed many different types of equipment for training in rainy, windy and even snowy weather.

So, advise for professional runners Jogging in autumn and winter purchase ski tracksuit. Skiers, unlike runners who can hide in the arena, almost always do on the street, but because their equipment is better suited for training. If possible you should buy the jacket ’ s jacket. On the one hand, it is easy and will protect you from wind and cold. The thing is that the front part is made of windproof fabric, and the back, on the contrary, of an elastic, thin and “breathable” material. When you purchase should also pay attention to the presence of a hood, in rainy weather, it will be very useful.

Pants worth buying also from similar material as the jacket. If it’s very cold, need to wear special elastic breeches or pants that you can buy in the store any famous brand – sportswear manufacturer.

By the way, always wear only comfortable clothes. Don’t overdo it! Remember that during the run you will be much warmer than just a passer. Therefore, do not dress up, “as cabbage,” – run will be uncomfortable. But don’t let wind and rain bring you discomfort.