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What exercise to choose for the house

What exercise to choose for the house?

If you believe the advertising, they are several times more efficient than what we can get in the hall. Each “machine” is able to solve “local problems” like losing weight, for example, legs or abdomen.

Unfortunately, exercise equipment for home — one of the “fields of battle for the consumer”. Advertising makes us think that just 10 minutes with a “machine X” and we will be slender, as in the day of the 16th anniversary. Lack of time to practice a guesses the rest.

And now the new trainer purchased. But after a couple of months it turns out that he is not so good, and in the form of us does not. What we get in the end? Disappointment and a new clothes hanger.

Before choosing a trainer for your home, you need to learn an entertaining mythology the home of the sport.

Myths and legends about exercise equipment for home

What reasons are usually encouraged to buy a home trainer? For example, if you want to do at home, or embarrassed to go to the gym, or you do not have time to visit the gym. Some buy them, wanting to save money.

However, everything that offers you “to get results for 10 minute sessions a day only on this machine” to buy, usually not worth it.

At home or in the gym the human body operates according to the same laws. To be slim, fit, strong and healthy, he needs power load and aerobic work. The “swing one” — the most unpromising strategy.

Suppose you believe advertising and bought the miracle-the bench press. So here is our rectus abdominis — not only that is responsible for waist circumference. And even a million twists in the simulator will not help you to improve your posture and burn the fat that covers the “new great press received in the miracle exercise machine”.

Long been proven that the muscles are better developed, if we are tense all the major groups. In relation to female training “weight loss”, it is also true that in every training session needs to meet complex movements for legs and back. But what is our “miracle of the bench will only help to strengthen the abs, so globally the shape does not change.

In addition, promise “weight loss for 10 minutes a day” can only very fixated on diet manufacturers exercise equipment. Most likely, ten machine for pumping and weight loss one body part is attached a fairly strict diet.

The belief in miracles, this is certainly good, but even in home training is better to adhere to the laws of physiology and purchase home one cardio and one integrated power station or a set of free weights.

Cardio equipment for home

Cardio training — this is the alpha female of the training, and omega of a healthy heart. If you will be spending your trainer in just 30 minutes a day, healthy heart and toned body you are virtually assured.

Elliptical trainer

If you have the available funds in the range of 200-500.e. it is best to pay attention to elliptical trainers. For some producers, they are also called “elliptical”.

This simulator allows you to simulate a “how to ski”, simultaneously working through both the lower and upper body. Another plus for independent practice: he is very soft on the joints and easy to adjust for any height and weight.


Good treadmills with a comfortable wide belt and an electric motor is usually more expensive.

Choosing a treadmill, try to avoid mechanical models, they are quite uncomfortable.


As practice shows, the bike is better to buy on the principle of “like-dislike”. Many people do not like to pedal while sitting, and the classic “great home” for them boring.

If you want a reliable bike that allows you to “ride” standing, with the fixation of the housing and loading additional hands — buy a bike for Cycling. Usually do not offer the “home of sport”, but of all the “pedal” it allows you to get the greatest load, which means you will have a chance to grow and develop in fitness.

A nice suit, cardio requires fitting.

Try to find several different models at a sports store and arrange a test drive. Buy this product only if the motion in it is absolutely comfortable and enjoyable.

Fitness equipment for strength training

Here I strongly recommend you to buy a set of dumbbells, a step platform, a mini-bar, a Mat and an exercise ball, or you can choose a power station. All other solutions usually ineffective.

Fitness experts are basically “voting” for free weight. The fact is that with dumbbells and a mini-bar you can do a million different exercises, loading the muscles in all possible angles. This is more promising in terms of rapid acquisition form.

But if you don’t want to learn the techniques of exercise videos or books, and you don’t want to make or look for complexes for the development of the body, should pay attention to ready-made solutions.

Power station — an option for those who don’t want to load down all these exercises. If this is your case, buy a reliable home multifunctional training from a reputable manufacturer.

Good decision — machine with top and bottom cable pull handles for information on chest and arms for training the legs. And don’t forget the clamps on the lower leg and different sticks for rods. Usually the sellers of such machines set them free, have annual service and provide video training program.

Who can be interested in home exercise equipment?

In any case, home gym — still the area to work on yourself, and you should have a strong motivation to achieve results in sports.

Well, if you’re not confident in your own abilities, check out “desire” and compare them with opportunities to help the common ROM exercises callanetics or Pilates and track in a nearby Park. Make friends with them, and when they get used to it — tackle arrangement home gym.