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How to relieve fatigue after exercise

How to relieve fatigue after exercise

Every experienced trainer knows that if the body after a workout is not receiving a proper and complete rest, it can lead to serious problems such as cramps and chronic fatigue.

Because of this, after a grueling and hard training, it is especially important to give the body proper and complete rest that the body is fully

recovered. But how to relax?

Recently Professor at American University and author of many articles and books in the field of fitness, mark Adler wrote an article which described in detail what needs to be done to ensure the body’s fully recovered after training and have received proper and complete rest. And in this article, we have promoted a few of his best tips and advice that will certainly help you to recover after exercise, thus helping to improve results from training. And so here they are…


An American expert, advises after a workout to consume chicken breast and hard-boiled eggs. He explains that in these meals a lot of protein and carbohydrates. According to him, the proteins help to recover the body, and carbohydrates return lost energy. But he also writes in his article, what not to consume a lot of carbohydrates, as this may contribute to the accumulation of belly fat. The amount of carbohydrates that should be consumed depends on each person individually. To determine the amount of carbohydrates that should be consumed, can only be experienced fitness instructor. Because of this, mark Adler advises, before you begin to consume carbohydrates, to consult an experienced fitness trainer.

Rest for the muscles.

Mark Adler believes that those people who every workout shake one muscle group, are making a big mistake, he said the gap training should be a few days, and ideal for two to three days. This approach workouts will prevent overtraining and will help to increase the training effect, and will give your muscles time to recover.


His article, mark Adler, strongly recommends and advises after training to do pull-UPS or at least a few minutes to hang on the bar. This will help to cool down the muscles involved during exercise, and decreases the amount of lactic acid, which will certainly reduce the risk of cramps in the muscles.


That during exercise the body loses large amounts of water that is released through the sweat, I guess it’s not a secret. But despite this, according to American experts, many people forget or just are lazy to drink water to replenish lost reserves.

It recommends that, to replenish lost moisture difficult normal water, and protein shakes, which contain a lot of carbohydrates and proteins. They not only replenish lost reserves, but also help growth and recovery of muscles, which of course have a positive impact in the results of your workout.

By following these simple tips and tricks, this famous scientist in the field of fitness, you not only give your body a complete and proper rest, but Beregite him from serious diseases and problems.