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Exercises on the trampoline

Exercises on the trampoline


Probably everyone is aware of the benefits and necessity of sports. Yet how many people truly care about your health and body shape? Across the planet – existing units. But in the age of the Internet and information technology of the sport has never been available. A person can exercise at any time and right at home.

It does not require extra expenses, trips across town to the fitness club,

but with all the availability of a sport only one in five can boast that he regularly or almost regularly engaged in physical activity. Want to fix the situation? Then we offer to your attention an unusual set of exercises on the trampoline that will be pleased with its effectiveness and impact on almost all muscle groups. Exercises on the trampoline is an effective method for the conservation, restoration and maintenance of their health.

Video-training “Exercises on the trampoline”

The trampoline is an amazing thing, which can not only entertain, but also to lose weight. The reason the trampoline so popular among fitness enthusiasts: only 10 minutes of practice will replace 3 miles of running and 20 minutes -1 hour of exercise on the step. This fatigue is not felt! But rather a desire to work more and more, which certainly has a positive effect on the figure and mood. This training video — this is a good opportunity to learn how to train at home to achieve the best result within a short period of time!

For exercises on the trampoline there is no age limit. These classes perfectly strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve circulation, develop coordination, enhance General muscle tone and physical condition, train the vestibular system. The use of the trampoline also that during exercise doesn’t strain any particular group of muscles, the load on the whole body evenly.

Before you start training, do not forget about such important factors as comfortable clothing. Remember: it needs to be tight, and the shoes — hard.

Exercise on trampoline for beginners:

Start with a warm-up. Balance on the trampoline, Bouncing up only 10-20 cm With feet shoulder width apart, hands move along her body. On the net land full stop. Perform 1-3 min.

Twister. Continue to jump, thus changing the position of the feet z side to side. Feet shoulder width apart, make 10 single jumps, then begin to do a double. After that, alternate 4 single jump, 2 double. Thus don’t forget to use my hands, actively moving them along the body. Breathing evenly, breathing in through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Running 10-40.

Rest. The rest is like a warm-up. Again teetering on the trampoline, landing on him full stop, but this time perform the jumping harder, faster. Run up to 3 minutes.

Unfold the left side, left leg in front. Continue to jump, focusing on the left, then the right leg, balancing in this way. Arms bent at the elbows, actively move them. Then do double jumps by the same principle. Alternate side. Running 10-40.

Rest 1-3 minutes.

Continue to jump, now add the load on the hands. Waving them vigorously, in turns, sideways, forward, sideways, forward. When do Mahi hands to the side, then jump from side to side. When we move the hands forward — to ourselves, also jump forward — ago. Don’t forget to breathe! Running 10-40.

Rest 1-3 minutes.

Starting position feet together. Jump legs apart, his hands were bred in hand, waving them vigorously.

Doing jumps on one leg for 10 to 30 times on each leg.

At the end just jump 3-5 minutes, falling on the full foot. The number of repetitions of all the exercises depends on the physical training. Do not burden yourself much at once, it is better to gradually increase the load.

For a more vigorous workout, you can use the weights on ankles and wrists for all of the above exercises.

After two weeks of regular training, you will already see the results!


As such, special restrictions for exercises on the trampoline — no. But it is necessary to consult a doctor if:

there were broken legs, spine, ribs, traumatic brain injury;

serious problems of the heart;

violations of cerebral vessels.

In this case, the specialist will advise whether it is possible to do this sport and how to measure the load.

Why play sports?

The main reason for physical training, it is the need to maintain and improve their health, normalize heart function and blood pressure.

Regular exercise promotes resorption of blood clots in the body and slow the aging process.

Physical activity improves the condition of the skin, contribute to the disappearance of acne and rashes. This is because when a person is actively engaged, accelerating the delivery of oxygen to cells.

Active sports help to improve muscle tone, and makes them stronger and hardier. The movements become more attractive, sexy, smooth and flexible.

Sports help to control your appetite. Therefore, people who have problems with appetite, exercise is absolutely a must!

Exercise is exactly what helps to achieve your desired weight and maintain it off. This is something that does not achieve a normal diet.

Those who suffer from chronic fatigue, you should first think about exercise. After all, sports increase stamina and energy, give your brain an additional supply of oxygen, making the person more active during the day.

How to force yourself to exercise?

Choose the kind of sport, lessons which will be to your liking. If the process will be fun, then exercising regularly will become easier. Do not start to do what you are afraid of, or what you lack physical fitness. Constant frustration and dissatisfaction from the process will be the main reason to quit the sport and go back to a sedentary lifestyle.

Find yourself a good company, which will be fun to spend time in the gym. To do sports all together is much more fun and more productive than alone.

Purchase a subscription to the club. The term of the subscription will save from that would be quick to give up playing. As money bude sorry, it is fair to depart the entire period. And considering that in a month a person gets used to the new lesson, then give up the sport just will not want.

Realizing how important exercise and following these simple rules, you can make regular workouts that will dramatically change your life for the better. Just take care to keep your health right now. After all, trampolining — a wonderful lesson not only for the body but for the soul. Turn on your favorite music and start your workout! This will help to improve not only the shape but also the life!