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Treadmill for pohudeniya

Treadmill for weight loss

Sports or fitness every day becoming more popular. Studio fitness, Academy sports, fitness equipment for the home. From choosing any budding Amateur healthy lifestyle can go around the head. Where to begin the path to health and a slim figure? If you live in a major city and don’t have iron willpower to daily in any weather to get out on a run or in the fitness center, the best choice — a treadmill to lose weight that can be placed almost anywhere in the apartment.

Treadmill — the best friend of the family

A lot of good intentions to change for the better and “finally to exercise” without a trace break on time constraints and ordinary laziness. Specially for such cases were invented treadmills that allow you to arrange your own personal fitness center on two square meters. Inherently treadmill — this is a common athletic trainer with great potential. It simulates walking or running, but remains engaged in one place. Treadmill weight loss can maintain a certain pace, to count your calorie consumption, the kilometers traveled and control the heart rate. During the lessons involve various muscle groups of the legs, buttocks and back, and the breathing becomes deep, which further enhances the speed of metabolism

Special benefits of using a treadmill for weight loss: it is easy to maintain a controlled pace, the so-called “fat burning” phase. In addition, treadmill weight loss can be helpful and other family members. The older generation to struggle with back pain. Men to train the muscles of the legs and back. All households in the prevention of colds (regular training on a treadmill can reduce the risk of seasonal colds by up to 50%).

For and against

Many beauty institutes repeatedly tested treadmills and other exercise equipment for effectiveness of burning calories. Almost all of them confirmed that the “jog” on the track better than to pedal an exercise bike or use a “magic” of electrical stimulators that are syndicated. About 700 calories you can burn per hour of active sessions on a treadmill for weight loss.

Depending on the type of treadmill, it can have not only the standard functions to calculate distance, time and heart rate, but also to have a built-in memory function of the previous results. Its use can be traced to “history of weight loss” and to evaluate how effective the dynamics of the process.

The downside of using a treadmill for weight loss can be called the monotony of practice: running at one place without changing external environment, even in front of the TV, rather boring. To avoid this, it is best to focus on internal sensations, listen to music, etc. Also treadmill can be a potential source of diseases in the feet, in that case, if you run barefoot or in the wrong shoes. So, to start classes on the treadmill, be sure to prepare!

Select the program

Before you start training, you must decide exactly what you want: to lose weight, to train the heart muscle and learn how to breathe correctly while running, pumped up your ass or just get pleasure from physical activity. When the goal is defined, you need to pick the right shoes (running shoes with thick soles with breathable uppers for running, light walking sneakers for walking). What will it be wearing higher shoes, special value has no. But it is best to choose a classic sports underwear or regular cotton t-shirt and leggings, which can be quickly to wash before the next workout. The qualitative exercise (i.e. at least 45 minutes) to sweat thoroughly, especially at the beginning.

How to lose weight on a treadmill? As in the case of normal running, a lot depends on how, how much and how often to do. In any case, it is recommended to start with the minimum load, gradually increasing as the load and the duration of employment. Training program on the treadmill depends on the individual characteristics of the body: weight, fitness, the health of the cardiovascular system. To find the right load, it is best to consult with a fitness trainer. If you have repeatedly engaged in the gym and know their “normal” it is possible to calculate the necessary amount of time running on the track yourself. For highly advanced also recommend the use of wheel weights on the arms or legs and frequent change of pace, simulating the cross-country running.

Before you start running or walking on a treadmill, should be on a regular exercise, good exercise. This will save you from unwanted injuries or sprains. Starting the training should be fully immersed in the process and not be distracted by household chores. For example, you cannot mix hour daily jog on the track with cooking dinner. A good result will not work neither there nor there. And, of course, any training on treadmill for weight loss are only effective if they are regular.