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I’m a fan of fitness and healthy lifestyle

Eugene Smorodinov: “I’m a fan of fitness and healthy lifestyle”

Eugene Smorodinov – young champion, already had time to try myself in several categories is fitness and bodyfitness. This year there was a transition of the athletes in the IFBB, which was marked a success – gold in the championship of Russia. “IRON WORLD” could not overlook such an interesting girl. When dealing with Eugenia personally, I had so much fun. Because the girl is not only beautiful but also intelligent and interesting and wise beyond his years. I’m sure you will not remain indifferent from reading an interview with a charming Eugenia.

IRON WORLD: Hello, Eugene! Please, tell our readers about yourself and about your passion for sports.

Eugene Smorodinov: Hello! I was born and live in the Republic of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, I’m 20 years old. I’m a fan of fitness and healthy lifestyle. A love of sports in me since childhood. My grandfather – excellence in physical education. He engaged me from an early age, developed comprehensively. Much time was devoted to sports aerobic, athletics and learning English. The school was fond of playing sports: football, basketball, volleyball. Also participated in various competitions. The school years were very active. After school, ran home, and on training in the day and three things happened. So tempering my character goes from childhood: dedication, discipline and willpower. In the gym I have been doing for almost seven years. Came at age 14, and plunged into the sport with his head. Besides sports I like active rest on nature, animals, English language, books in the genres of science fiction, psychology and self-development, as well as computer games.

J. M. Tell us what attracted You to the nomination “body”? As we know, You tried, quite successfully, and fitness too.

E. S.: Yes, I spoke to the Federation of NAC in the category of “fitness”. During the transition to the Federation FBFR my choice fell on the body, as in FBR arbitrary level of fitness program is very high and I have no gymnastic behind the past. Of course, you can learn everything, there would be a desire. But I decided that it would be difficult to compete with experienced acrobats and gymnasts, and bodyfitness for me is the Golden mean between musicescu and femininity. In addition, the structure of my body is most beneficial suited for this nomination.

J. M. Tell us about your competitive success. As usual things going?

E. S.: In the Federation NAC of the biggest achievements I have the title of world champion fitness women 2012. Two years I was gaining muscle mass, adjust the proportions to switch to FBR. This fall debuted and became the champion of Russia among juniors in Yekaterinburg. I spent all of the training yourself. Beginning with the month of February daily strength training. At different stages were included and excluded cardio. Based on their competition experience and knowing the peculiarities of the reactions of the organism on different schemes of training, I decided that a planned semi-annual training is what you need.

J. M. You changed the Federation. What are Your impressions about the transition? Why chose an NAC?

E. S.: Experience the most vivid and enjoyable. In 2012 the planned transition, but circumstances didn’t work out. NAC chose, because I didn’t know at the time about other federations. We coexist with Kazan, and there are regular competitions. My first coach was involved in these competitions, so I was eager to try. Change the Federation can be compared to changing jobs, workforce or moving anywhere. You get used to one environment, the situation, and you kind of are satisfied, but we all want to strive higher and higher. My plan is to develop not only in Russia but also abroad. To do this I had to go and prove ourselves in FBR. The transition is made, the first impulse set, I am very pleased.

J. M. please Share your impressions of this season.

E. S.: My impression is a feeling of completeness of an action. What I had planned, I executed. And of course, the feeling of joy, pleasure, happiness. I got away from everything that was happening to me at all stages of preparation.

J. M. What are the plans for next year?

E. S.: recently signed a contract for cooperation with POWERHOUSE GYM. And now I’m part of a great and friendly community. About sports plans do default. The main goal at the moment is to be realized in business and to pay more attention to self-development.

J. M. Give an example of your training day and one day diet.

E. S.: I Have a unique approach to nutrition and training. I am a supporter of heavy strength training. On large muscle groups usually do 6-8 repetitions, small – 10 reps, higher I climb. Gaining volume training due to the number of exercises that work the muscle group from all angles. Strength training in the hall during the period of training is changing, changing diet and cardio workout. For example, training the hamstring I consists of flexion standing alternately, Romanian (dead) pull on straight legs, sitting flexion, presses lying with one foot on the floor in “Smith machine”. Everywhere I use heavy weights and if you feel that the hamstring is still “alive”, then add an exercise from athletics. It looks so: on his knees, his feet locked under a support or partner, you need slow, controlled fall the body forward, to the floor, making a slight push with your hands, and return to its original position due to the strength of your hamstrings. Exercise difficult, and few will make it. You can do on the hill, slightly to lean in front of him on bodybar or with a partner. I think if I painted their food, many will be shocked, because I eat a lot and around the clock. The meals have always different, vary between them. Approximate ration at the moment: chicken/fish, red or white, more oily varieties/beef – 500 g (two meals), cheese – 600 g (three meal), eggs – a dozen, Borodinsky bread – 100 g buckwheat – 150-200 g, milk – 0,5-1 liter, nuts – 50 g, vegetables and many fruits (apples, persimmons, citrus). In the period precontest diet swept away all the excess, remains fillet, fish, eggs, buckwheat, vegetables, and meals every time again. From sports nutrition’s whey protein, BCAA, glutamine, leucine, sometimes arginine.

J. M. What or who inspires You in your work?

E. S.: Inspiration is always inside. My quote clearly describes known to all of us Michael Jackson: “In the end, the most important thing is to be honest with yourself and your loved ones and a lot of work. What you have today, tomorrow will not be. Be of good cheer. Fight. Improve and coltivirus your talent. Be the best at what you do. Learn about their work more than any man alive. Use tools to feed themselves, be it books or a floor to dance, or water to swim in. Wherever it is yours. This is something I always try to remember”.

J. M. How is Your family to this activity?

E. S.: friends always supported me in everything. Never forced to do it or to do anything contrary. I always consciously made the choice herself.

J. M. What is Your personal secret to success?

E. S.: in My secret discipline, dedication and willpower. And the success is a kind of reward for the work done.