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The beneficial properties of kiwifruit

The beneficial properties of kiwifruit

This exotic sweet and sour fruit not so long ago appeared in our markets. Many consumers liked it from the taste.

The fruit was named in honour of new Zealand birds. Many believe kiwi fruit, but actually it — berry. Almost three decades agronomist Alexander Allison tried to civilize the Chinese vine. And now after so many years of painstaking work was bred this wonderful berry that quickly liked due to its palatability to many people in different countries.

The beneficial properties of kiwifruit

The beneficial properties of kiwifruit, a lot can be said. But I want first of all to note that this berry is the leader among fruits and berries on the content of ascorbic acid or vitamin C. To obtain the daily requirement of vitamin C is enough for you to eat just one small kiwi a day. And, as we know, vitamin C strengthens the immune system. thanks to him, our body increases the barrier of resistance to stress and endurance.

Kiwi contains large amounts of carotene or vitamin A. b vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9), tannins and fruit acids; fiber content by kiwi possesses a laxative effect. Also in the kiwi are enzymes that promote dissolution of the protein in the body.

The presence of tannic acid helps the stomach and intestines, protects tissues and reduces inflammation.

Mention should be made of the presence in the berries of vitamin E, which prolongs the youth of the whole organism. Vitamin K 1, which is also in its composition, helps absorption of calcium in the body.

In addition to vitamins, kiwi contains iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium and phosphorus. Each of these nutrients is vital for our body.

The beneficial properties of kiwifruit and contraindications

Speaking about the valuable properties of kiwi, you should pay attention to its side effect. So, for example, it is not necessary to consume a lot of kiwi men who have problems with the stomach and 12 duodenal intestine or increased acidity. A high concentration of vitamin C may produce an allergic reaction throughout the body people who are allergic.

The beneficial properties of kiwifruit for weight loss

Due to the high content of vitamin C in kiwi fruit, this berry promotes rapid metabolism in the body. That’s why kiwis are increasingly being used for weight loss. There are a wide variety of light salads which include this fruit. Diet based kiwi as well-proven.

Peel kiwi – useful properties

We know from experience that often the rind of fruits and vegetables is not less useful than the fruits themselves. And kiwi is no exception. In rind of this berry is another large concentration of vitamins and minerals than the pulp. But we should not forget that the fruits long before transporting treated with chemicals. So eat kiwi with the skin is not recommended.

Kiwi — useful properties in pregnancy

Yes, of course, kiwi contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Of course, it is very useful and some doctors recommend it for pregnant women. But one should be aware of allergic reactions that can cause the fetus. So use it should be very carefully and in small quantities.