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The basic rules of healthy nutrition

What are the basic rules of healthy eating?

What are the basic rules of healthy eating? Proper nutrition is a sure way for men or women to have a slim and sexy figure.

Determined to lose weight, the man or the woman must change her lifestyle, but the most important thing is to change your diet and eating habits.

Everyone knows that proper nutrition is very important, in spite of this, people don’t eat right, thereby causing great harm to your body.

The power necessary to properly organize. it must be healthy. Conventional notions of healthy eating — restrictions in the diet, abstinence from eating habits, avoiding foods different plan. In short, bringing himself almost to extremes. In the usual understanding of a healthy diet – it operation, requiring special conditions, self-limiting, lasting and not very pleasant procedure.

Worth remembering that approximately 80 percent of diseases the cause is poor diet. Food — a natural process and an important part of our lives. Relationship with understanding to the issue of healthy eating is the path to long life without diseases.

Poor diet and its effects:


the condition of fatigue;


depressed mood;

depressed state;

the constant feeling of hunger;

frequent desire to eat something;

skin problems;

problems with brain blood circulation;

problems with vision.

These are the main consequences of malnutrition. It’s important to understand that a healthy diet — is a healthy life. Speaking of healthy food, we allocate only a part of another concept ,wider — a healthy lifestyle.

Proper diet for weight loss

To eat during the day often, in small portions.

Food should be thoroughly chewed.

The products used to prepare food should be fresh.

Try to diversify your menu.

During meals it is not desirable to drink water or what — or drinks.

In the most serious approach to the organization of a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, it is desirable to have a week fasting day.

The food is steamed more beneficial for the body than cooked or fried.

Remember that vegetable food is digested faster.

Semi-finished products subjected to pasteurization. products with added colors and flavors will not be useful.

Eating should be only if you experience hunger, perhaps the main prerequisite of a healthy diet.

Correct healthy diet

A healthy eating plan for a week at desire it is possible to plan in advance. Subject to the conditions identified above can safely say that we aim to preserve and strengthen their health.

Correct healthy diet, based on the principle of separation of power is an effective way to have a beautiful body and a healthy body. Talking about the compatibility and incompatibility of products in the diet for more complete digestion of a nutrient contained in them, our body.

The exception is the simultaneous use of fats and proteins. carbohydrates and protein, milk along with other products.

Every man is the architect of his own health, nutrition depends on how long he will live, so the choice of a healthy diet for You!

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