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10 recommendations to increase mass and strength

10 recommendations to increase mass and strength

1. A LOT EAT. To increase muscle mass you must eat more calories than your body needs. My principle is that every day for every pound of my body had 2-3 grams of protein 5-6 grams of carbohydrates. Start from this level, and later get it to your personal requirements. Limit to a minimum the consumption of saturated fats. Eat a lot of different products and the best quality.

2. TRAIN INTENSIVELY. Train with a weight that is 70% — 80% of your work high, you to be able to do in each series, 6 reps right up to short-term

depletion of muscles. Don’t train with a very large weight at which your strength is exhausted from DWR reps. My goal in each episode is to help the muscles use the glycogen that is in them.Train so that the muscles to deliver a large portion of glycogen, without exposure to the depletion or destruction of their own tissues. After each series give the muscles time to recover .

3. CHOOSING THE RIGHT EXERCISES FOR YOUR WORKOUT. Strength and muscle mass can best be increased by using the basic exercises. Basic exercises. chest — bench press legs — squats back — dead lift, shoulder press with barbell behind your head, biceps — flexion barbell on the biceps, triceps — bench press narrow grip, the back of thighs — dead deadlift on straight legs. There are exercises that are hard to perform, many people do not like them to do. Performing basic exercises you motivate the growth of large muscle groups, which leads to their growth and development. Through these exercises you will quickly improve the muscle mass .

4. 6 TO 10 REPETITIONS. Each time selects a weight, so you could do 6 to 10 repetitions, performing each repetition until the trembling of his muscles. Don’t be negligent in the training. Collect sufficient strength to perform the exercises in a way to bring the muscle to exhaustion and the onset of microdamage in its fibers. You need to start training with warm up muscles. For this, the first 1 — 2 approach complete system of pyramid training. Moving over to the next exercise, start immediately with an operating weight and work him up to the last approach. Try not to stop during the lifting rod, and to make the pressing rod, even when you can’t squeeze out one last time to ask your partner let you a little help.

5. REST BETWEEN SETS IS 60-90 SECONDS. When you want to train for strength, the rest between podhodami should be 60-90 seconds, but when your goal is building muscle, this time is doubled. This gives sufficient time for recuperation, to give breathing is restored and allows you to return the heart to normal rhythm of the heartbeat. And gives you the opportunity next repetition to work with greater force.

6. A MINIMUM OF 8 HOURS OF SLEEP. Your body does not grow in the gym, and when you’re home after training, and even more growth occurs during sleep. Then your body is resting, many systems are disabled during this time he produces different hormones (testosterone and others). Without enough sleep and proper recovery your body will suffer and you will not be able to step up (increase) your muscle mass. Need to sleep at least 8 hours at night. Before you throw away another two hours of sleep during the day, one after workout, and the second after eating.

7. LIMIT OTHER TYPES OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Exercising to increase strength and muscle mass don’t do other physical activities, you burn extra calories. which the body needs for building muscle, because it hinders muscle growth. There are a huge number of athletes that work hard work. construction, loader and other types of profession, they complain that they can’t gain weight body. They walk, run, drag of gravity. In this case, they need to increase the use of calories to eat every hour and a half for the whole day, the result is 10 — 12 percusa. Thus you will avoid the shortage of calories.

8. TRAIN ONE MUSCLE GROUP ONCE PER 5-7 DAYS. At any cost avoid overtraining. For the average person need 48 hours for muscle recovery, and for bodybuilders who engaged in weight training to increase muscle mass, this period should be considerably longer. This is a continuation of time changes through schedule training, family responsibilities and other activities. Ronnie Coleman trains each muscle twice a week, but not everyone can do so. Everyone needs to poeksperementirovat. It is best to train one and the same muscle group after 5-7 days. What is written here is not standard of bodybuilding, but these recommendations in some cases almost all, a lot depends on your bodybuilding genetics .

9. NO PHYSICAL EXERCISE OUTSIDE THE GYM. I will tell you that intense weight training burns more calories than any other job in life. Making a different kind of physical work in my spare time not in the hall you will use up calories and lose muscle mass. Therefore, bodybuilding and other physical work should not be combined together. It is good to have high endurance, but if you do the post with great intensity, you’re raising heart palpitations, making him the load. Train with heavy exercises, using the approaches with reasonable duration, to use not only the reserves of glycogen and fat stores. A healthy heart is one that reacts according to the requirements of his sudden change of rhythm. Too long of a workout is not good to do as it includes the processes of catabolism muscle breakdown (protein) into amino acids. The body to the limit, running out of fuel (glycogen) for energy. Max workout should be 45 minutes — 1.5 hours. Even before the competition performing too much aerobic exercise in addition to glycogen and fat you burn and the muscles.

10. AND FINALLY. Always go to your goal, don’t give up, if you want to increase your mass. Watch movies about bodybuilding, pictures of popular bodybuilders that you had the motivation and you went to his goal. Don’t miss a workout, even when you are lazy and don’t want to go into the hall, the other thing is when you are tired or did not recover from the previous workout. Then better skip it, if you go no use for it, the current worse. Success to you in building muscle !