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Seven misconceptions about fitness

Seven misconceptions about fitness

NAC anone sports season of the famous French trainer and specialist in fitness Christophe RUELLE reviewed some common stereotypes

In spring, people will start to get rid of cellulite, will run from a heart attack, a string of sufferers will be pulled in fitness centers. City parks and yards will be filled with vigorous runners, jumpers, cyclists, skaters. On the eve of a sports season, the famous French trainer and specialist in

fitness Christophe RUELLE reviewed some common stereotypes that prevent people to exercise correctly, and as result to lose weight and Zdorovye. His thoughts coach shared with the magazine “Le Figaro”. And we were asked to Supplement the advice of a Frenchman, a Russian athlete, the four-time champion of Russia, two-time winner of world Cup in ballroom dancing and participating in one of the seasons of “Dancing with the stars” Elena Uspenskaya .

Stereotype No. 1: “One sport a week is enough”

Ruelle . One class is definitely not enough. To become slim, you need at least 45 minutes 3 times a week.

Assumption. If we talk about the three workouts per week, for a truly perfect figures – they should last at least an hour and a half, and to be quite intense. But better to do on a daily basis. When time is limited this can be a morning jog or an evening trip to the pool, you just have to exercise and slowly increase, because the body gets used.

Stereotype No. 2: “the Stomach will become flat if the rock press”

Ruelle. Exercises for the abs is really effective, they will help you to purchase “blocks”, but will not reduce the waist circumference because it is the outer muscle of the abdomen. To gain slim waist and long, need to train more deep – transverse muscles. In them the secret of “the plane of the press.” To train these muscles, you need to do Pilates and do the “bar” (stand on tiptoe and elbows).

Assumption. To slim the waist just to download the press useless. After all the belly – this is the place where fat tissue lies on top of muscle. The main task to bring the belly in order – this is an intensive aerobic exercise (dancing, running, Biking, aerobics actually) and then abdominal exercises, such as twisting. Can personally recommend to control, i.e. to keep the muscles in all day, regardless of time. Walking down the street – draw the belly, work at the computer – again “sucked.”

Stereotype No. 3. “The higher the load, the faster you lose weight”

Ruelle. This is wrong. If you want to have a chiseled figure, then you need to choose a moderate load, but over a longer period of time (45 minutes) – this is especially important for beginners.

Assumption. Of course, if you are just starting exercise, is very likely to disrupt the body, injury, or just stop to enjoy it. Prolonged intense exercise can be started after months of stable employment when they already became a habit and the body is accustomed to certain loads.

Stereotype No. 4. “Sports should be on an empty stomach”

Ruelle. No, completely empty stomach is not good. An empty stomach can cause hypoglycemia in a moment of stress, and this will lead to injury. And calorie consumption will not increase. Before workout – ideally within 2 hours – you need to eat a good Breakfast. For example, coffee, kiwi, two or three sandwiches and yogurt.

Assumption. To exercise on an empty stomach is not just undesirable, but dangerous enough. This applies mainly to women, but with men there were cases of syncope. About more serious consequences I’m not even talking. To avoid such troubles should eat before a workout or drink sports drinks.

Stereotype No. 5. “The sport associated with pregnancy”

Ruelle. In the first trimester in pregnant women and even not in the mood to move, but in the second and third, if there are no contraindications, you can do light loads type of Pilates.

Assumption. Pilates, yoga and even some types of dances specially designed by experts for pregnant women. During exercise the body is better oxygenated, which is very useful for pregnant women. Well, the pleasure derived from activities and communicate with other pregnant women provide an excellent psychological consequences, ladies become more calm, less nervous, and just more happy.

Stereotype No. 6. “Sport in the city is harmful to health”

Ruelle. Yes, is bad, because the air is dirty, but if you run around the Park, not the street, it’s still more useful than no exercise.

Assumption. I agree with the French expert: to do – even in the city – much better than not to engage at all.

Stereotype No. 7. “Useful only morning sports”

Ruelle. Evening workout is also effective, so you have to do it when you’re more comfortable with time.

Assumption: Yes, you can engage in whenever you want and want. And efficiency will be needed if you will feel comfortable