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Proper nutrition before and after exercise

Proper nutrition before and after exercise

Recently the media pages, radio and television strenuously advocating the need for physical activity as a means of prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases. And that gives some fruits. People began to actively move, you see people purposefully making the daily walk or jog.

We must not lose sight of the fact that as well as physical exercise, an important organization of proper nutrition before exercise and after it. From when and what you eat depends on how successful will be the fat burning, improve metabolism and will build muscle in the process of physical

exercises. It is not recommended to refrain from eating before a workout and after it. It not only will not bring any benefit, and may even be harmful.

Prior to exercise. Even if you have planned your exercise, a walk or jog in the early morning to make it to work, then you usually have no time to digest a full Breakfast, but to eat it is still necessary. Whatever goal you pursued a morning physical workout, whether it is weight reduction, the implementation of the recommendations of the doctor, strength training or walking at brisk pace for toning, in any case, you will not be able to achieve the desired result for the simple reason that your body all night did not receive nutrients from the outside. Paradoxically, but without eating Breakfast, your body will expend during exercise is much less calories than it would be in the case if you had not skipped Breakfast.

It is therefore very desirable for 20-30 minutes before training to eat a light Breakfast may consist of fruit, dried fruit or one Cup of yogurt.

If you plan to play sports in the afternoon, then dinner must be not less than one and a half hours before the scheduled training. For lunch we can recommend the salad and sandwiches with egg, tuna or bacon. If lunch is traditionally more dense, it is possible to workout at least 3 hours.

In the diet before classes involving respectable physical activity, should be compulsorily included: complex carbohydrates in the form of bread (rye or whole grain), a variety of cereals, pasta, or potatoes that are blended with protein products: meat, eggs, fish, dairy products. Be sure to enable in the menu of all kinds of vegetables.

Before training is not recommended to consume high-calorie foods that contain a lot of sugar. Despite the fact that such food is easily digested, it contains glucose excessively fast increase in blood sugar and then the sugar levels also plummeted. As a result the person feels an acute attack of hunger and fatigue. Complex carbohydrates, on the contrary, provide a steady flow of glucose into the blood, which contributes to a long and productive working muscles and heart.

During the period of training. During the workout, you should drink water, you can also drink unsweetened tea. Fluid intake during exercise is mandatory. Recent studies confirm that normal metabolism is stimulated by the intake of water in sufficient volume. If you follow an optimum diet, you will be able to establish a correct fat burning during exercise.

After training. Also important is how you eat after the workout. Clearly, if you’re interested in the training, then, after leaving the gym, will not absorb ice cream and pastries, which contain huge amounts of fat, nullifying all your Herculean efforts. In increased metabolism observed in 1-2 hours after training, when warmed muscles need serious reinforcements, it is necessary to use protein and carbohydrate food. Such food (not fat!) going entirely on the recovery of muscle energy and increase muscle mass. The right food helps the body replenish lean muscle mass and not fat stores.

The primary nutrients required by the body after physical exertion, are amino acids, as building blocks of proteins, which are structural cellular core of our body. Serious physical exercise lead to the depletion of essential amino acids. To fill them you should include in your diet foods high in protein: poultry, eggs, meat, fish, dairy products and vegetable proteins, soy. To protein foods you need to add a small amount of complex carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores in the liver. This can be bread from flour of different cereals, cornflex. Don’t forget to drink water in sufficient quantity before and after workouts.

If your goal is to get the maximum effect at minimum cost, then eat right before and after exercise and the result will affect!