The basic rules of healthy nutrition
What are the basic rules of healthy eating? What are the basic rules of healthy eating? Proper nutrition is a sure way for men or women to have a slim and sexy figure. Determined to…


What exercise to choose for the house
What exercise to choose for the house? If you believe the advertising, they are several times more efficient than what we can get in the hall. Each "machine" is able to solve "local problems" like…


10 recommendations to increase mass and strength
10 recommendations to increase mass and strength 1. A LOT EAT. To increase muscle mass you must eat more calories than your body needs. My principle is that every day for every pound of my…


Kettlebell sport

The development of strength endurance. Tips for beginners.

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To gain weight once . it requires strength . But in order to squeeze the kettlebell in a certain rhythm repeatedly . need the so-called strength endurance .

Turns out that the leading component of strength endurance as the key

physical qualities, such as weight-lifting, by the way, as in the bodybuilding and fitness are strength and endurance.

Classical methods of developing strength and endurance widely known and we have already been described repeatedly (and were even shown in a methodical video), so in this article we will focus on methods of improving strength endurance in kettlebell sport .

Experience shows that a high level of development of power endurance Continue reading

Seven misconceptions about fitness

Seven misconceptions about fitness

NAC anone sports season of the famous French trainer and specialist in fitness Christophe RUELLE reviewed some common stereotypes

In spring, people will start to get rid of cellulite, will run from a heart attack, a string of sufferers will be pulled in fitness centers. City parks and yards will be filled with vigorous runners, jumpers, cyclists, skaters. On the eve of a sports season, the famous French trainer and specialist in

fitness Christophe RUELLE reviewed some common stereotypes that prevent people to exercise correctly, and as result to lose weight and Zdorovye. His thoughts coach shared with the magazine “Le Figaro”. And we were asked to Supplement the advice of a Frenchman, a Russian athlete, the four-time champion of Russia, two-time winner of world Continue reading

Proper nutrition before and after exercise

Proper nutrition before and after exercise

Recently the media pages, radio and television strenuously advocating the need for physical activity as a means of prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases. And that gives some fruits. People began to actively move, you see people purposefully making the daily walk or jog.

We must not lose sight of the fact that as well as physical exercise, an important organization of proper nutrition before exercise and after it. From when and what you eat depends on how successful will be the fat burning, improve metabolism and will build muscle in the process of physical

exercises. It is not recommended to refrain from eating before a workout and after it. It not only will not bring any benefit, and may even be harmful.

Prior to exercise. Even if you have planned your exercise, a walk or jog in the early morning to make it to work, then you usually have no time to digest a full Breakfast, but to eat it is still Continue reading

Treadmill for pohudeniya

Treadmill for weight loss

Sports or fitness every day becoming more popular. Studio fitness, Academy sports, fitness equipment for the home. From choosing any budding Amateur healthy lifestyle can go around the head. Where to begin the path to health and a slim figure? If you live in a major city and don’t have iron willpower to daily in any weather to get out on a run or in the fitness center, the best choice — a treadmill to lose weight that can be placed almost anywhere in the apartment.

Treadmill — the best friend of the family

A lot of good intentions to change for the better and “finally to exercise” without a trace break on time constraints and ordinary laziness. Specially for such cases were invented treadmills that allow you to arrange your own personal fitness center on two square meters. Continue reading

Neurology for you: Nordic walking with sticks.

Nordic walking with sticks. Her health benefits.

Nordic walking with sticks (CX) is relatively new, but already popular all over the world.

It is difficult to overestimate its role for health of human

any age.

Differently, Nordic walking is called Norwegian, Nordic, Finnish – it is the same kind of walk.

With proper organization, it can provide invaluable help in

different diseases of the circulatory system, respiration, osteochondrosis of the spine, osteoporosis, arthritis of various joints, excess weight and many other problems.

The history of its origin

Nordic walking with sticks – a kind of walking using specially designed poles . similar to ski. It came through a Finnish skiers in pre-war time. Athletes sought in the summer not to lose Continue reading