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Ode to the morning exercises

Ode to the morning exercises

No matter how hard the authors of handsome articles with bright pictures vying to praise the fascination and pleasure of regular and intense exercise, so we, you and I know: any sports attempts is at best routine. And at worst – an unpleasant procedure that almost all successfully avoided. And many, in General, summed up by the rejection of sport in their everyday life very real ideological basis: say, feel so devoid of any kind of vital energy and tone! Why kill yourself in the gym, leaving there last strength?

And this view is not so absurd as it may seem amid calls to urgently go to pump iron or do another marathon. Of course, I risk causing a flurry of indignant exclamations of “sports” to the public, but I hasten to inform: too intense sports activities not useful for our body. Even more than that. Overly zealous sports fans literally tear your body, making in General useful exercise a real source of stress for the body. And in our life and without that deficit stress is not observed…

By the way, this conclusion is not my discovery.

Recently researchers have confirmed the fact that excessive exercise more harm. rather than favor. Often, “combing one size fits all”, i.e., literally recommending everyone to follow fairly rigid sports standards, such as “mandatory strength training six hours per week; otherwise, physical inactivity, the coaches absolutely do not take into account the individual characteristics of each of us.

Because, admit it, if someone can “jokingly and balagura” to run a five-kilometer cross, the other will run out of steam at the first kilometer. What can you do, the feature of the body. But not a handicap, namely the feature! (However, the aging on the couch instead of any, even the most elementary methods in physical activity – the real laziness). Therefore, we have witnessed the sad trends: deciding to start a “new, athletic and energetic life,” the first girl with unprecedented enthusiasm starts to exercise. Increasing the load from workout to workout, she seems to be very close to the cherished goal of becoming in the likeness of the goddess, but suddenly sport activities are interrupted. Exactly. Moreover, a girl, recently calling for a gym with pools, now I don’t want about a simple walk in the Park… why? Because she was tired. Overtired. Overdid…

A recognized authority in the field of psychophysiology and reflexology, Ayurvedic Deepak Chopra, (incidentally, the guru of the Madonna ), in his book “Infinite energy”, writes the following: “the Current infatuation intense, tense, that is, as a rule, difficult exercises is one of the reasons that millions of people spend their whole lives avoiding regular physical activity. For some bodily types of vigorous exercise beneficial, but for others they are so unpleasant that causes an aversion to physical activity in General. And it’s a shame, because some form of moderate physical activity that matches your body type, highly contributes to the accumulation of energy in the body”.

So, to paraphrase a famous saying, we can conclude that “less is regularly”. That is, for many of us, the best form to maintain a decent tone, and therefore to be slim and energetic, but not emaciated and lethargic, this is morning exercise! The most common, and for some, familiar from childhood. So, feet shoulder width apart, arms at sides… started!

Serious studies have led to the conclusion that DAILY exercise is most effective, as they allow to maintain a constant and intense speed of metabolism. That is, doing morning exercises just TWENTY MINUTES a day, you will perform all the necessary standards of physical activity! Sorry, but only twenty minutes daily will help you to save a lot of time spent to get to the sports club, change clothes, take a shower, an hour to usanimals, take a shower, change clothes and go home. Besides, twenty minutes of sports EVERY morning, yet more effective than six months of a two-hour intense workout three times a week in order to come to the conclusion that you are no longer able even to rise from the sofa. And about the sport. as such, won’t hear, period. (Of course, I don’t mean those of us who are capable of years diligently and systematically to train, swing, aerobic… These girls are worthy of all admiration, and sometimes even sincere envy! But the FIC is rather nice sports exception to the General lazy mass.)

Now, assume that I have convinced you. And you decided to start a regular morning exercises. Where to start? Particularly do not need to go – all exercises are probably familiar to you from school. The best time to charge is as soon as you got out of bed. If you’re embarrassed by your Pets, agree that you’re not disturbed during the “charge-up” time for any reason. (Think twenty minutes without you they live in the state). By the way, the presence of households, coupled with the lack of privacy often interfere with your good sporting intentions. However, it is still possible to settle amicably all: or, if the family still in bed, go in the kitchen, or give yourself to practice a balcony or some other corner of the apartment. where will you be in integrity.

Now, actually, about the exercise.

Start with that as it should, but gently and slowly, stretch out in different directions. Lean forward, taking the hands of Paul, in short, warmed up a bit, in order to “Wake up” the muscles. (Similarly, stretching, finish my charger). For beginners:

1. 30 squats. (Squatting, make sure not to tear the heel from the floor, i.e. the feet completely throughout the exercises must be pressed to the floor. Getting up, not lashibi knees to the end, may they remain slightly bent).

2. 10-15 push-UPS (on my knees).

3. Tilts to the side (excellent forms – strengthens – saves the waist ): stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands behind your head. Now, slightly bending your knees slightly and sit down. And slowly, trying as far as possible, bend to each side, and make sure the slopes were EXACTLY IN the DIRECTION, not back and forth. 40 slopes (20 to each side) is a good start.

4. Further work on the abdominal muscles. By the way, I suggest it is the press to pay attention. Flat firm abdomen is half the success in achieving the desired Shape. An exercise called “the bike” is recognized as the simplest and most effective. (Lying on the floor, back pressed to the floor, arms at your side with legs at an angle of about 45 degrees, imitate their Cycling. Slowly, with feeling and really). Do the exercise until we’re seriously tired. Or count to 60 – that is, complete for the beginning of the exercise for a minute. Next, bring the exercises to three minutes.

5. Do some stretching exercises.

6. All.

That’s the whole set of exercises. I do not argue that avid sportswomen he will seem ridiculously simple. However, for those who don’t bother with sports exercise, this is a perfectly acceptable option. If you want, eventually you will be able to modify itself and the number of repetitions, and a variety of exercises. The main thing is to start. Try it!