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How to eat while Jogging

Of course, the food runners is a competent consumption of carbohydrates which give the body energy. Conditionally they can be divided into two groups – simple and complex. Simple will give a small amount of energy for a short period of time. These products include fruits and various sweets. Complex – more sustainable sources of energy: it comes in larger quantities and remains in the body longer. It is from such foods as potatoes, vegetables, cereals, rice, bread and pasta, will depend in what state is the body of a runner, so he could play sports without sacrificing their health.

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We should not forget about proteins, because they are the main building material for muscles. Protein is found in meat, poultry, fish, milk, nuts, legumes and cereals.

Regardless, what is the goal of the runner, differences in nutrition, almost none. The main thing – is, so as not to harm your body.

The great value has a proper Breakfast, and this applies not only to those who are into running. Naturally, the best in this situation will be the products with a high content of protein. Also it is recommended to take vitamin-mineral complexes.

Before training for a half – hour before the runners should take food rich in carbohydrates. These products include honey, chocolate bars, pasta, sweet dried fruits, pasta, sweet pilaf. Such food will charge the body with energy. It is important that between meals and by the practice it took some time.

Together with allowed to use the products and have banned those before Jogging, it is recommended to eliminate from your diet. Primarily, potatoes, cabbage, spinach, grains and legumes. Forbidden fatty and fried foods.

Contrary to popular belief, is not allowed to drink plenty of fluids. You can drink, for example, sweet tea in small quantities. It is important to remember that during training, before and after her, in no case should not drink carbonated beverages and those containing caffeine. Caution should be taken to sports energy drinks.

After training we must try to fill expended carbohydrate reserves. This immediately after a workout is impossible. Good to drink some juice or sweet tea. The juice can be Apple, tomato or citrus fruit with sugar.

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A full meal only after 20-40 minutes after your workout. First of all, recommended foods rich in carbohydrates. In particular, the runners can be offered porridge – oatmeal, rice, millet and semolina in which it is desirable to add honey, jam and dried fruits.

Among other products – pasta with meat, bread with jam, jam or butter and potatoes.

Note that if you decide to change your regular meal plan, you want to exclude from your diet any meals, you need to consult with experts. The experts will help you find the right balance of nutrients and elements that will allow you to approach the exercise in perfect form.