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Kettlebell sport

The development of strength endurance. Tips for beginners.

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To gain weight once . it requires strength . But in order to squeeze the kettlebell in a certain rhythm repeatedly . need the so-called strength endurance .

Turns out that the leading component of strength endurance as the key

physical qualities, such as weight-lifting, by the way, as in the bodybuilding and fitness are strength and endurance.

Classical methods of developing strength and endurance widely known and we have already been described repeatedly (and were even shown in a methodical video), so in this article we will focus on methods of improving strength endurance in kettlebell sport .

Experience shows that a high level of development of power endurance can be achieved through various methods. However, it should be remembered that the use of the same methods for a long period of time leads to adaptation of the organism. In this connection it should alternate between different methods in the process of training, to use options aggregate their application.

To develop power endurance involved should:

to increase the functionality of the body;

to increase the strength of various muscle groups;

to improve coordination of movements;

to develop/enhance endurance by dynamic efforts;

to increase efficiency of the SS (cardiovascular) and respiratory systems.

Because kettlebell biathlon key exercises are carried out with a lot of stress and over a sufficiently long time, for the purpose of maintaining athletes have high health at this point in time and need an appropriate strength endurance.

In fact, the performance in this case can be described as the ability to perform a large amount of power training load during one session or even in the whole integrated process of preparing for the upcoming competitions.

From the point of view of the sports practice of particular importance in kettlebell lifting is the relationship between muscular strength and endurance. Many experts deny it, but practice proves that strength endurance in the first place ensures the growth of sports results.

To develop this, so necessary to us, strength endurance, it is recommended that the sequence in which:

first to use strength training with weights;

then use the exercises with a barbell;

and in conclusion — jumper running and jumping.

At the present stage of development of kettlebell sport training strength endurance often used a technique of increasing the intensity . which implies the implementation of key exercises with weights at much faster pace .

The exercises in this case are performed to the beats of the metronome or under the appropriate account. The increased pace provides the body of a weight lifter a higher degree of stress, which, in turn, produces his performance and creates a stock of endurance to work in normal mode. This method is used, as a rule, experienced athletes and are not recommended for training beginners and athletes of younger categories (exercise at a higher pace generally has a negative impact on technical training).

What to use? 16, 24, 32 ?

The major factor limiting endurance, is fatigue . nature of which is still insufficiently studied. Today this phenomenon is due to the depletion of the nervous system, but does not harm the body, and is essential to further improve its functionality. Practice shows that the maximum training effect is achieved when a predefined degree of fatigue, which is achieved due to the significantly prolonged time strength work with weights less weight . In this scenario, the training should be conducted at the rate of 60-70% of the possible, but the qualitative change in the weight of the projectiles in the direction of decreasing .

For this reason, especially for beginners, it is important not to focus only on girs one, permanently fixed weight. That is why Arsenal is a real weight lifter should include not only hard working weights-dvukhmodovye, but also the whole range of available weights and working the shells:

Kettlebell 16 kg

Kettlebell 24 kg

Kettlebell 32 kg.

For independent, individual training in the home, a great option would be to use a collapsible kettlebell . Removable differentiated load, this versatile shell is able to transform into a wide range required weights. With this shell-transformer can easily be implemented kettlebell 16 kg, 24 kg kettlebell, kettlebell 32 kg and even alternative options for intermediate weights.

The method of circuit training is highly effective for the development of indicators of power endurance, and can be used at any time during practice. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that in one class included a wide variety of exercises, not only with weights (16, 24, 32 kg), but also with a barbell, dumbbells, and gymnastic apparatus and equipment. All exercises are performed sequentially in round Robin several times; the intensity of their performance is slightly lower than the typical, usual training. Of significance here is the variety of exercises and the total amount of load.

Also one of the key factors is the emotional background of each workout and the entire training process in the complex – weight lifting for beginner athletes should not be guilty of exhausting and backbreaking labour “clenched teeth”, and the coveted dream and the meaning of life. Here it is with this emotional attitude can be feasible to reach the immense heights in this difficult sport… Energetic, rhythmic music, educational video, victory star-Champions the successes of friends and partners, the experience of trainers and many other aspects of the “iron sport” should help You in the correct motivation .

Circular method of developing strength endurance specialists opens a wide scope for creativity, as the selection of exercises, the number and quality of their performance can be varied over a wide range. This method is best to apply during the preparatory period, when in the shortest possible time it is necessary to increase the level of physical fitness involved.

Great place in the development of strength endurance of weight lifters take exercises with a barbell. Some experts say that exercises bodybuilders and weightlifters we need to reduce the mobility in the joints, and in General contribute little to the so-called special development of muscles. This is incorrect — it all depends on:

(I) selection of exercises

(II) their dosage,

(III) the weight of the load applied.

Try to pick exercises with a barbell most explosive and dynamic in nature (do not get involved with large weights, and static exercises), you must contribute to the qualitative development of special muscle groups, working mainly with small weights, but with a significant number of repetitions.

For the pole we recommend the following exercises:

Tilting or rotation of the neck behind the head.


Explosive jumping with the stamp of the barbell on the shoulders.

Jogging swung behind the head.

Jerk rack (grip barbell narrow).

Bends with a barbell on his outstretched hands.

Calf raises (neck barbell behind the head).

The rotation of the body (barbell on shoulders).

Jerk rack (wide grip).

Thrust from the hips (narrow grip).

Exercises with a barbell are used not only for the development of power endurance, but mainly to address weaknesses in the General physical preparation.

In addition, these exercises help to develop flexibility and much needed athlete of mobility in the joints .

Analysis of the preparation of the first national Champions of lifters shows that the development of strength endurance they regularly applied the cross training . It promotes the development of General endurance and configures all systems of the body for the upcoming work with weights.

For example, the absolute Record 1985 S. Mishin with a body weight of approximately 105-110 kg definitely three times a week included in your training runs for 15 km. Endurance race firmly established in the workout plans many of the strongest lifters.

Because cross training run and Wellness in the literature allotted enough space, we will not in this article to analyze in detail this method of development of power endurance. Just to say that weight lifting for beginners is impossible without aerobic training . and especially running. Since this option is training adequately prepare cardiovascular (SS) and the respiratory system, subsequent to a serious power physical exercise. Only a reasonable combination of running and strength exercises will give effective and necessary health benefits.