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Jogging helps to lose weight!

Running, as a way to lose weight


Jogging is the most effective way to lose weight and fight against excess weight. In addition, daily Jogging contribute to the improvement of health and overall health.

The benefit of running in the morning

In order to lose weight, it helps to do slow jogs every day. Slow and steady

running engages all muscle groups. As a result, the body will look toned and slender, excess weight goes away very quickly. In addition, this type of running well coached heart, strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation. This measured load stimulates the metabolism in the body, all the organs receive sufficient oxygen.

Jogging in the fresh air is very good in terms of psychology. They help to cope with depression. A useful property of running to strengthen the immune system is known to everyone since childhood.

How to run in the morning?

To do a run better early in the morning or 2 hours before bedtime. In the early hours of running extremely useful. At this time, the air fresh and the temperature is quite optimal for sports. To do preferably every day, the body quickly gets used to the load. But it will be enough to go Jogging 3 times a week. The important thing is regularity. And do not give up Jogging, if the street is small drizzles rain, in this case you can buy a raincoat.

Jogging pleasantly in the company of a friend. We can take player or phone with headphones and enjoy the run and the fresh air with your favorite music.

To start running after a small warm-up, especially in the morning, exercise to warm up will help to awaken the body. All exercises should be directed at development of the joints.

Start with a heavy load is not worth it. For the first runs will be enough for 10 minutes, and then the daily load can be increased for a moment.

It is very important to breathe correctly while running. You should breathe from your abdomen. Inhale air through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Important to choose suitable and comfortable pace. If breathing began to severely increase and overall breathing became more difficult, the rate should be reduced or go for a quick walk. If there is a strong feeling of discomfort and heaviness. Jogging is better to stop or to make a small pause.

Terrain for Jogging is better to choose smooth, to avoid injury.

Hit the showers need a set of simple stretching exercises. To do the exercise you need without sudden movements and with maximum caution.

It is worth mentioning about the gear. For any runner, even a novice, the main attribute of a good sports shoes. Usually for Jogging choose special shoes. Stop in shoes should be well recorded, but the ankle as well as the most vulnerable spot of any runner that is highly protected. The soles must have the cushioning function, it will help reduce the load on the spine and knee joints.

What is better to run in the mornings?

Clothing for running should be comfortable and not constrain movement. In cold weather, not necessarily to put on warm sportswear. It should be easy to during the run not to sweat too much. In the heat and sun you need to protect your head.

In each run need to bring a small bottle of water and take small SIPS every 15-20 minutes. This will help reduce the load on the heart and eases breathing.

Before a run you need to do a small snack. Running on an empty stomach can result fainting. To run with a full stomach is not very nice. And health is not safe. To a full Breakfast you can begin one hour after finishing your workout. During this time, you can manage to do many of the morning business. And, of course, to maintain the effect of Jogging, do not forget about proper nutrition.

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