I'm a fan of fitness and healthy lifestyle
Eugene Smorodinov: "I'm a fan of fitness and healthy lifestyle" Eugene Smorodinov - young champion, already had time to try myself in several categories is fitness and bodyfitness. This year there was a transition of…


What exercise to choose for the house
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How to run to lose weight.
The collapse of prices on Green coffee for losing weight! product includes Argentine ginger Ginger for our drink we collect in tropical areas of Argentina Ethiopian coffee bean Gorgeous Arabica special variety Fructus Aethereum, rich…


How to run to lose weight.

The collapse of prices on Green coffee for losing weight!



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Is it worth while running to dress warmly to lose weight?

Loli use running I improved my health and lost 2 sizes. Running in the winter on a treadmill, and in the summer on the street. Thought, what about me will look familiar, eventually joined me 2 more runners)) So I recommend running or Jogging! )) The fourth year from mid-April to October run. The body came in great shape, extra pounds almost was not, but began to feel better. At first it was very hard, the race was on foot running, now run without a break for 30 – 40 minutes in the Park. Often love to run in the evening, especially in summer. In the morning, don’t really like to run.On account of the regularity, I run 3 times a week is enough for me. Girls, I run really help me to lose weight, my last 3 kg a year almost never left. I was running a month, every day for 30 minutes and 3 kg with ease away. And before that, bath wraps, bath was all to no avail. Now I continue to run, to improve the shape and maintain the result. I run an average pace, not very fast. All right. I was advised to run for weight loss.Most importantly, to not run quickly, and that at high heart rate fat does not melt (or rather melt, but also the muscles go stronger), and is a cardio workout. Slow running is the best for burning fat. About 40 minutes and a proper diet. I do not advise to run every day, and then quickly get bored and quit. I run every other day.While the results are modest at 3 weeks 2, 5 kg. Girls are sharing their experiences.I’m 23 years old considered running a boring task. Kept saying that running is just not for me. I have 2 girlfriends were constantly running. And me were almost forced to pull out of running, because I gained a lot of weight by 8 kg. In total, pulled me out for a run, for which he thanks. And something like that was involved, beginning with them to run slowly. It turned out that it was hard to run only the first week. Then drawn and I felt like doing Jogging 5 times a week. First ran for 3 km per day, now down to 5 km From changes after running: 1) Lost 7, 5 kg. 2) Love your body, it really made me like it. 3) Left fears what not to eat some foods, I know that even if you eat something forbidden, I those calories will work. 4) Unwound metabolism. I.e. the weight is on one level and in his own body I’m happy. 5) Running around in the street, i.e., spending only a good nike.I advise you to run with a player, your favorite music.In General, I recommend to everyone to run! Most importantly it works! Well, I can’t run I Have a curvature of the spine will Have to find an alternative to running I also Have curvature of the spine in the thoracic region, Takagi I stopped back constantly hurting! I have a spinal curvature of 3 degrees,at first run back was a bit sore,now no more worries,so run to health. Oh, thank you that came across your review. I also have curvature of the spine 3rd, afraid that is impossible. but now escape for sure!))) All right. Running for weight loss is great!I stomach was removed, running! When swinging exercises core muscles, but the top layer of fat remains. And I advise you to run in the morning on an empty stomach (just before Jogging to drink water), and after a protein cocktail, carbs only after 2 hours. I lost weight in 2 months for 8, 5 kg. And ate all or adhered to a diet? I read that to burn fat you need to expend their glycogen. Better to run in the morning (after a night, the body is depleted), on an empty stomach almost immediately begins to burn fat.Don’t forget that after running, we lose weight too.So after Jogging is better not to eat at least an hour or there, but only protein foods. Carbohydrates should not cross. So if you still need to run in the morning) For a very full of people running a very heavy load for the body. Best walking in quick tempi minutes to an hour. I run 3 miles 4 times a week, for 3 weeks already sinal 4 kg, feed almost as well, just took almost sweet and flour. Julia, all right. I am also run. The first weeks it was hard to force yourself to get up and running, and then used.I Wake up, drink 2 cups of water and after 20 – 25 minutes to go for a jog.After running in 30 minutes have a protein shake and after an hour only to have a full Breakfast.

And, by the way, this will be the answer to the question of how. to breathe correctly while running to lose weight. Dress as the dress every time the process runs. Below we give a few tips by which you can improve the results and avoid injury: – to motivate, take headphones and turn on your phone or MP3 player with your favorite music.