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How to quit Smoking

How to quit Smoking without gaining weight?

Is it possible to quit Smoking without gaining weight? Many smokers who think about parting with his addiction, not afraid to get fat after giving up cigarettes. This fear is particularly relevant for women. In my environment we often see ex-obese smokers and it reinforces many in the idea that they “smoke for beauty” and that extra weight is also a health hazard.

Many smokers and I’m actually scared to get fat, and some use this argument only in order to justify their unwillingness to part with

nicotine addiction.

Isn’t it possible to avoid weight gain after quitting Smoking? Statistics indicate that about 90%,renounced nicotine, weight gain, but not to gain extra pounds is not too difficult and quite possible. The harm of Smoking on the cardiovascular system are undeniable, but only one cigarette you smoke causes the same harm as that extra 50 lbs.

Smoking is much stronger than “beats” throughout the body and avoid weight gain by observing some recommendations.

Why after giving up cigarettes gaining weight?

Smokers nicotine is included in the chain of different chemical reactions:

activates production of adrenaline, which speeds up metabolic processes;

causes breakdown of glycogen in the liver and suppresses appetite;

stimulates the production of endorphins, which relieves stress;

activates in the brain glutamic acid, which improves the memorization of information and the brain, subsequently, connects a pleasant feeling with the supply of nicotine;

stimulates receptors in the brain, enhancing its metabolism, and causes a sense of vigor and vitality.

Eating and nicotine has anti-stress effect. People expect, usually when he’s sick or he misses. When quitting Smoking it starts more actively seizing a stressful situation”. The process of Smoking cessation – stress. Man begins to confuse the true stress and cigarette hunger”–that’s why there are situations ” quit Smoking gained weight “.

How to give up cigarettes and not gain weight?

Reasons to quit Smoking a lot – they motivate the smoker in this fight. The right motivation will be the desire to improve health. Yet none of the smokers could not avoid the consequences that cause more than 4000 toxic substances contained in tobacco smoke.

Some smokers can quit Smoking on their own and they only need to effort of will. The vast majority of nicotine-zavisimyh forced to seek help from a specialist and, sometimes, they have to try different methods of Smoking cessation.

For someone is the easiest way to quit Smoking is acupuncture, and for someone is the most efficient way to smoke – the method of Allen Carr.

Finding their method and farewell to Smoking, a former smoker can feel for a very short period a number of positive changes:

for 3 days the concentration of carbon monoxide in the blood return to normal;

after 4-5 days the body will cleanse itself of nicotine and craving for cigarettes will be reduced significantly;

not later than one week, will begin to recover gustatory and olfactory sensitivity;

already in the first week of breathing will become easier.

Starting the fight against Smoking, there is no need to limit yourself to something else. Many people try already on the first day to start to keep to a strict diet and exercise, loading your body, and without staying in a stressful situation, additional loads. This “fury” could doom all the good effort to failure – the body is simply unable to cope with such loads.

In the beginning of quitting Smoking is possible to inspect your fridge and stock up on vegetables, fruits and low calorie food. It is possible to try to limit the amount of sweet and fatty foods, giving preference to products rich in fiber.

Many are trying to “seize stress” sunflower seeds or candy is the wrong approach. High calorie foods and sweets only add pounds and will have a negative impact on dental health. Sweet candy can be replaced with a special sugar-free lollipops containing soothing botanicals and vitamins B6, B12. Seeds and nuts are useful in the permitted levels, but chewing them constantly is not recommended – they can be replaced with low-calorie mixtures of vegetables and fruits. Foods with a high content of vitamin C and mineral water with magnesium to help cope with stressful situations and convulsions. Gradually ex-smoker will learn to recognize true hunger and desire to eat “secondhand stress”.

Sports or physical exercise is also necessary to start gradually. Riding on roller skates or on a bike, swimming, running and Jogging, team sports help to cope with irritability and apathy, contribute to the normalization of metabolism, prevent the extra pounds and speed up the recovery of the body after Smoking.

Change your attitude to food and not to forget about physical activity will be necessary for about two years – this period dangerous acquire excess weight. Usually for the first few months after giving up cigarettes is typed only 3-4 kg. their Damage is considerably less than the usual dose of nicotine. The correct approach to Smoking cessation, gradual weight loss and compliance with all the recommendations will help to quit Smoking without gaining weight.