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How to exercise on the elliptical trainer

How to exercise on the elliptical trainer

Today Mirsovetov offers to understand how to exercise on the elliptical trainer and without the help of a coach, lose weight, increase endurance, and just feel better.

The main advantages of elliptical trainer

Buying for future lessons with this trainer, you make a good choice, because, taking all the best from their prototypes (track and stepper), an elliptical trainer and was able to make their own adjustments in physical


During exercise your leg is in a bent state, it is now possible to actually forget about the stress on knees and joints.

The walk will be along the trajectory of the ellipse, all synchronized movement that will strengthen almost every muscle in your body: buttocks, legs, arms, back and chest.

If you have been on other cardio equipment, have you noticed that there is movement is rather monotonous. Training on the elliptical allow you to pedal both forward and backwards, which gives the opportunity to cover everything not covered muscles.

Regular exercise will help you lose weight, strengthen the body and essential to its operation system (respiratory and cardiovascular). Exercising on the elliptical trainer, you will feel that your coordination is better, and climb stairs easier and easier.


We must not forget that training on the elliptical trainer – exercise, and quite strong, because it has a number of health warnings. You absolutely contraindicated such classes, if you have any disease cardiovascular or cancer – only with your doctor’s permission. Also if you have an infection, also it is better to postpone. People with hypertension should consult a physician.

Don’t forget to carefully listen to your own feelings. During practice unacceptable headache. pain in the heart, dizziness, weakness or nausea. If you feel any discomfort, immediately stop the occupation.

Before training

To begin the training necessary to decision and implementation of several issues. Later these points will be worked out by you to automatism, but over them is worth considering.

Mandatory warm-up should precede the training. Engage those muscles, which will run on the simulator: legs, thighs, arms, back, chest. The muscle training will make the training not only more enjoyable but also more effective.

Decide the time in which you will engage. To do this, think about your biorhythms: if you like to Wake up early, then your element is the first half of the day, then physical exercise is the most effective; if you are a night owl and love to go back later and later to get up, it is best to start classes in the afternoon. However, remember that 2 hours after waking up and 2 hours before – not the best time to practice.

Follow the diet before exercise and water balance during. There are the latest studies that describe in detail how to eat right before class and after. It is best to adhere to. If you feel dryness in your mouth – take a few SIPS of clean, still water. It needs to be drunk, but in small quantities.

Carefully approach the choice of clothing, it needs to be comfortable and sporty. Shoes are preferable to conventional running shoes. Do not wear too many clothes, it can lead to excessive sweating and overheating of the body and as a result, deterioration of health.

The important role played by the location in which you are engaged. It is important that the temperature was not very high, it is not necessary to hold classes in bright sun or artificial light.

The counting pulse

This indicator is of great importance, the main thing is to learn how to use it. The magnitude of the pulse depends on the number of calories burned, but certainly not worth chasing exclusively for this indicator. It should take only as one of the criteria for an effective workout.

So, there is a simple formula for calculating the ideal for you heart rate: subtract from 220 your age and you will receive your maximum age-related heart rate (IMP). Now from him and must be repelled. During training you need to measure the pulse: if you are a beginner, it should be 60-70% from the profit center, for prepared people it can be up to 80% of the profit center.

Position during exercise

The elliptical trainer has two grab handles: movable and immovable. You can use those, and the ones of your choice, with the only difference that the movable provide a little more intensity and synchronization of movements. So, here are some of the main positions that will help to cover all muscle groups during workout:

Main motion: position the body upright. The closer the feet are to the edge, the more exercise will get your body. Head keep.

Movement ago. Slightly pull the buttocks back so your knees will be bent at the joints during all practice and start to move.

To strengthen the quads and calves of the legs, tilt the body forward and continue along the trajectory.

Get down as low as possible, as if you wanted to sit down and start pedaling.

Make your workout was endurance training, you should at all times practice quickly change one exercise to another. The only way you will achieve maximum results.

The classroom and program selection

Do not think that if you will do 10 minutes, you will lose weight. Unfortunately, it is not. It is known that any exercise will produce results, if they run longer than 30 minutes. Of course, if you are a beginner, increase the time of exercise should be gradual, but you need to bring it up to 40-45 minutes. Such a time is best, and not too tired, energize and lose weight.

Please choose the program for your level of fitness:

Program No. 1 is designed for beginners, i.e. it should not linger too long. Length of sessions of 20-30 minutes, a rate of 50 steps per minute, heart rate of approximately 60% of the profit center. The most important thing here is to learn to withstand, without interruption, do not pursue intensity of training.

Programme No. 2 for the prepared people, which aims precisely on the intensity of training. Time 30-45 minutes, a speed of 60 steps per minute and heart rate 70-80% of the profit center.

Program No. 3 is reserved for athletes and people who need continuous development and maintaining the highest level of training designed for professional athletes. The classroom is up to 60 minutes, heart rate of 80-90% of the profit center, and a speed of 80 steps per minute.

The most basic what you should remember is about the regularity of the workout. If you give yourself 3 days a week, the desired result will not keep itself waiting long. You will soon feel a surge of strength, and looking in the mirror, are more likely to smile.