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Dance programs.

The benefits of dancing

The need to dance by the very nature of man, his inner rhythms.

Dancing give the man much more than just the ability to move gracefully to the music. In dance You can fully Express your personality, to become free from inhibitions and to feel life in all its vibrant colours. Dance allows you to save youth and beauty, without exhausting the body back-breaking loads. Interestingly, in the process of dance classes you can learn a lot about yourself, for example, about their psychological complexes. Few people know that the enslavement of the lower part of the body speaks of repressed

sexuality, and the upper about the lack of sincere and open communication with others.

To start you can dance almost any age: from the youngest to the most respected. Dancing is good because it does not require the forced stress: the body of a beginner dancer gradually getting used to more complicated problems that arise in training. In addition, classes at a fast pace and with high physical activity alternate with slow, low stress movements.

Dancing perfectly contribute to the development of motor coordination, good posture and a beautiful gait, respiratory system of the human body. Dance classes help to get rid of regular colds, bronchitis and even alleviate the disease in people suffering from asthmatic attacks. It is known that dancing prolong life, help to maintain the overall tone and allow the person to keep working and be optimistic. And don’t convince yourself that the complexity of the dance will stop you to achieve the desired effects. Remember your childhood: was music, you freely swayed and swirled in her rhythm. Contraindications for dance does not exist – we can dance, we studied whether we it or not.

Zumba (Zumba)

Over the last few years fiery and funny Zumba attracts a huge number of fans in sports clubs across America and Europe. Welcome Zumba and now Russia!

Zumba is a catchy fitness program – a kind of aerobic exercise in combination with mesmerizing Latin American and European rhythms. Simple dance combinations Zumba can perform absolutely any student, regardless of age, sex and level of training. Fun atmosphere of the classes is rather like a rousing party atmosphere, rather than exhausting lesson. For the occupation of the melodies are replaced by these rhythms like cha-cha-cha, Mambo, salsa, flamenco, backache and other Latin American, Cuban and Dominican.

“To dance Zumba for one hour,” says the author of this program, Albertopolis, which many celebrities are invited as a personal choreographer, including Shakira, is still that to participate in the celebration. Zumba is a combination of dance and aerobics, which helps to feel attractive. A lot of hip movements, a lot of fun, a lot of burned calories.”

Zumba classes are very effectively tones up the body, burn fat and give a great mood!

The lesson duration 55 minutes.

Belly dancing

Belly dancing is a good therapy is meditation in motion. Active movement of the hips in the Oriental dance form a beautiful figure, giving it a feminine shape. Complex movements of belly dance accustom the body to a variety of physical activities, the body becomes flexible, and the movement – grace. Especially nice in the occupation of East dances that these goals are achieved not through force, overcoming itself (as is the case in aerobics and shaping), but only with pleasure and joy. Oriental dance forced to work in the enhanced mode the entire body, but the main burden falls on the muscles of the abdomen. After 2-3 months of training significantly improves health of gynecological diseases, a normal menstrual cycle. Doing Oriental dance, You improve the circulation of the pelvic organs, which is especially important for women’s health. The spine becomes flexible and You forget or never know what is the deposition of salts. Also belly dancing are excellent prevention of osteoporosis.

The lesson duration 55 minutes.