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Chinese gymnastics.

Chinese gymnastics. System Shen

The complex of exercises of the Chinese gymnastics

System Shen recommended for people who have little time. Although this system is simple enough that this gym is very effective if done regularly.

This set of exercises includes 42 points, 25 of them perform while sitting, and the remaining 17 — standing. Before you start this system, you need to master the following basic provisions:

— the distraction of thinking — you need to be quiet, to pay attention on extraneous thoughts;

— the correct setting of the body: head, spine, and heels should be in one position;

— the muscles of the body should be completely relaxed. This is to ensure that movements were smooth and natural;

— breathing all the time you need to control: it should be calm, slow and deep;

— to begin and end should rest: you have to sit quietly, comfortably, with half-shut eyes, aloof from all the worries and thoughts.

Basic exercises of this system.

1. Sit cross-legged, hands neatly folded on his stomach 50 times and slowly breathe in through your nose.

2. Sitting in the same position, 36 times move your jaws as if you chew your food.

3. 100 times masciruy knees in a circular motion brush.

4. Brush take a loan out for a spin on the lumbar region and about 100 times massage your lower back moves up and down.

5. In this position 100 times masciruy back wherever I can reach.

6. 100 times masciruy side of the torso from the top to the thighs.

7. Circular motion masciruy stomach 20 times with each hand.

8. Masciruy chest and stomach at the oval on 20 times with each hand.

9. Masciruy hands chest at the oval on 20 times with each hand.

10. Perform massage on the midline of the body by the method of stroking downward from the breast to the navel with each hand 20 times.

11. Perform massage hands the side of the neck from ear to spine. Do 30 the massaging movements on each side.

12. Complete covering of the movement with the left hand the right shoulder, then clasp the right hand left shoulder. Try to get an area of the blade 20 times with each hand.

13. Forehead, temples and cheek masciruy right hand from right to left, then do the same with the other hand. In addition, the base of the left hand masciruy region of the left eye to 20 times with each hand.

14. Right hand masciruy the area of the right eye.

15. 10 times masciruy nose downwards with both hands.

16. Wash movements 10 times masciruy face.

17. Using the pads of your thumbs masciruy the area of the temples 10 times.

18. With both hands 10 times masciruy the parietal region.

19. Masciruy 10 times the ears from front to back and back simultaneously on both sides.

20. The palm close to the ears, and then by dropping the index finger with the middle 20 times masciruy the back of the head.

21. Hold out your hands to the width and the shoulder level, palms turn inward, then bend your elbows while simultaneously clenching fists 10 times.

22. Hands raise up, then do 10 times the rotational motion of the brush outwards, straining the fingers, then the hands move inward, straining his large fingers.

23. Squeeze the brush into fists, and then 10 times slowly raise and lower your hands, without bending their elbows.

24. Hands, stretch your arms forward at shoulder width with your palms up, then bend their elbows and bend again, 10 times shift your hands to the sides and mix again.

25. Brush clench into fists, stretch your arms forward at shoulder level, 10 times dissolve in the parties and drive again.

26. Brush clench into fists and dissolve in the parties to the original position.

27. Legs a little further apart, keeping the body straight. 50 times complete propriedade, moving the brush forward, upward, sideways and back, decompresses them and shift your fingers to the sides as wide as possible.

28. Legs put together, arms dissolve at shoulder level and bend your elbows, bring to the body, then dissolve in the parties. When you do this, get up on your toes. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

29. Original position still. Hands put out in front of him and open your fists. After that is 10 times bring hands to chest, bring your elbows back as far as possible, tightly clench your fists, then come back to the starting position.

30. Repeat the previous exercise, not only the elbows back.

31. Feet shoulder width apart, hands on waist. Get 10 tilting your body left and right.

32. Starting position is the same. Complete rotation of the body 10 times in each direction. When making turns, look up.

33. Repeat the previous exercise, only look down.

34. Starting position is the same. Tilt the torso 10 times back and forth.

35. Starting position is the same. Do 10 deep squats.

36. Starting position is the same. Alternately put your leg up, bent at the knee. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

37. Feet together. Turns take 10 times the feet to the sides, do a rotation at the ankle joints.

38. Straighten the body and outstretched arms, go with the sharp pulling of the feet.

39. Go forward to throwing hands and feet.

40. The following exercise is the alternating movements of the same limb in different directions, that is, the foot forward — hand ago. Repeat exercise 10 times.

41. Execute rotational movements on site, first left, then right. For this hand bent at the elbow, raise to shoulder level and put to the side. For this hand watch eyes, turning head and torso, gradually cross this first one, then the other leg. Repeat 10 times in each direction.

42. In a quiet position, standing upright, get 50 respiratory movements.

➣ Most useful to apply this method together with set of exercises self-massage. Static exercise ancient Chinese exercises are a very good tool in order to fully recover, return good