Neurology for you: Nordic walking with sticks.
Nordic walking with sticks. Her health benefits. Nordic walking with sticks (CX) is relatively new, but already popular all over the world. It is difficult to overestimate its role for health of human any age.…


How to exercise on the elliptical trainer
How to exercise on the elliptical trainer Today Mirsovetov offers to understand how to exercise on the elliptical trainer and without the help of a coach, lose weight, increase endurance, and just feel better. The…


10 recommendations to increase mass and strength
10 recommendations to increase mass and strength 1. A LOT EAT. To increase muscle mass you must eat more calories than your body needs. My principle is that every day for every pound of my…



Treadmill for pohudeniya

Treadmill for weight loss

Sports or fitness every day becoming more popular. Studio fitness, Academy sports, fitness equipment for the home. From choosing any budding Amateur healthy lifestyle can go around the head. Where to begin the path to health and a slim figure? If you live in a major city and don’t have iron willpower to daily in any weather to get out on a run or in the fitness center, the best choice — a treadmill to lose weight that can be placed almost anywhere in the apartment.

Treadmill — the best friend of the family

A lot of good intentions to change for the better and “finally to exercise” without a trace break on time constraints and ordinary laziness. Specially for such cases were invented treadmills that allow you to arrange your own personal fitness center on two square meters. Continue reading

How to relieve fatigue after exercise

How to relieve fatigue after exercise

Every experienced trainer knows that if the body after a workout is not receiving a proper and complete rest, it can lead to serious problems such as cramps and chronic fatigue.

Because of this, after a grueling and hard training, it is especially important to give the body proper and complete rest that the body is fully

recovered. But how to relax?

Recently Professor at American University and author of many articles and books in the field of fitness, mark Adler wrote an article which described in detail what needs to be done to ensure the body’s fully recovered after training and have received proper and complete rest. And in this article, we have promoted a few of his best tips and advice that will certainly help you to recover after exercise, thus helping to improve results from training. And so here they are…

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Exercises on the trampoline

Exercises on the trampoline


Probably everyone is aware of the benefits and necessity of sports. Yet how many people truly care about your health and body shape? Across the planet – existing units. But in the age of the Internet and information technology of the sport has never been available. A person can exercise at any time and right at home.

It does not require extra expenses, trips across town to the fitness club,

but with all the availability of a sport only one in five can boast that he regularly or almost regularly engaged in physical activity. Want to fix the situation? Then we offer to your attention an unusual set of exercises on the trampoline that will be pleased with its effectiveness and impact on almost all muscle groups. Exercises on the trampoline is an effective method for the conservation, restoration and maintenance of their health.

Video-training “Exercises on the trampoline”

The trampoline is an amazing thing, which can not only entertain, Continue reading