What exercise to choose for the house
What exercise to choose for the house? If you believe the advertising, they are several times more efficient than what we can get in the hall. Each "machine" is able to solve "local problems" like…


Life with a pacemaker
Sports and physical exercises that should be avoided: • Contact sports (such as karate or football). • Scuba diving. • Shooting from a gun or rifle. You cannot put the butt of the rifle into…


HELPFUL INFORMATION Health is physical, mental and social well-being and livelihoods and survival of the people and the state (LR “’Ārstniecības likums”). Health is the result of grozdanoski and the influence of other biological factors…



10 recommendations to increase mass and strength

10 recommendations to increase mass and strength

1. A LOT EAT. To increase muscle mass you must eat more calories than your body needs. My principle is that every day for every pound of my body had 2-3 grams of protein 5-6 grams of carbohydrates. Start from this level, and later get it to your personal requirements. Limit to a minimum the consumption of saturated fats. Eat a lot of different products and the best quality.

2. TRAIN INTENSIVELY. Train with a weight that is 70% — 80% of your work high, you to be able to do in each series, 6 reps right up to short-term

depletion of muscles. Don’t train with a very large weight at which your strength is exhausted from DWR reps. My goal in each episode is to help the muscles use the glycogen that is in them.Train so that the muscles to deliver a large portion of glycogen, without exposure to the depletion Continue reading

Can creatine increase strength

Can creatine increase strength?

Today we talk about such a popular sports Supplement, creatine. Athletes, especially bodybuilders often use creatine. It is a natural chemical compound found mostly in muscles, it has an effect on increasing muscle strength and size (volume). This sports nutritional Supplement is mostly known for its efficiency for high intensity exercises such as sprinting, powerlifting and weightlifting. Evidence of its usefulness for endurance training, very vague.

Experts say that rather no than Yes

Many athletes are looking for ways to increase your speed, strength and endurance, for this purpose, often turn to creatine. However, while many authoritative sources (the website of the National Institute of health, USA, the site of the University of Maryland indicate that creatine can have a positive influence on the performance of exercise with high intensity, they don’t talk about the role of creatine in the development of endurance. In fact, the website of the University of Maryland draws the attention of readers of the site that creatine is a means to improve performance when performing aerobic exercise or to increase strength. Continue reading

Elliptical trainer for home what are

Elliptical trainer for home – choose together

The elliptical trainer is great for weight loss

Elliptical trainer is a combination of stepper, stationary bike and treadmill. It was invented relatively recently, 15-20 years ago, but thanks to its effectiveness soon took a leading place in the range of modern exercise equipment. The main difference between elliptical trainer from the prototypes in a wide range of effects on the body. When playing on it is also and upper body, train all major muscle groups: shoulders. arms, chest, back. thighs, legs. buttocks. Smooth movement of the pedals

in an elliptical path that minimizes the load on the ankle and knee joints. Another positive opposed elliptical trainer that its design includes movement both forward and backward.

Elliptical trainers can simulate various types of cardio – from easy walking and running before climbing a steep slope or stairs. Since they belong to the group of cardiovascular machines, and the effects of exercise Continue reading