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Exercises on the trampoline

Exercises on the trampoline


Probably everyone is aware of the benefits and necessity of sports. Yet how many people truly care about your health and body shape? Across the planet – existing units. But in the age of the Internet and information technology of the sport has never been available. A person can exercise at any time and right at home.

It does not require extra expenses, trips across town to the fitness club,

but with all the availability of a sport only one in five can boast that he regularly or almost regularly engaged in physical activity. Want to fix the situation? Then we offer to your attention an unusual set of exercises on the trampoline that will be pleased with its effectiveness and impact on almost all muscle groups. Exercises on the trampoline is an effective method for the conservation, restoration and maintenance of their health.

Video-training “Exercises on the trampoline”

The trampoline is an amazing thing, which can not only entertain, Continue reading




Health is physical, mental and social well-being and livelihoods and survival of the people and the state (LR “’Ārstniecības likums”). Health is the result of grozdanoski and the influence of other biological factors and environmental factors.


The sports doctor is a certified specialist of high qualification, a physician in the specialty of sports medicine, which assesses physical

health and the effect of exercise on body function, conducts prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries associated with physical activity and sports, recommends the optimal physical activity and other measures to achieve the desired result.

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I’m a fan of fitness and healthy lifestyle

Eugene Smorodinov: “I’m a fan of fitness and healthy lifestyle”

Eugene Smorodinov – young champion, already had time to try myself in several categories is fitness and bodyfitness. This year there was a transition of the athletes in the IFBB, which was marked a success – gold in the championship of Russia. “IRON WORLD” could not overlook such an interesting girl. When dealing with Eugenia personally, I had so much fun. Because the girl is not only beautiful but also intelligent and interesting and wise beyond his years. I’m sure you will not remain indifferent from reading an interview with a charming Eugenia.

IRON WORLD: Hello, Eugene! Please, tell our readers about yourself and about your passion for sports.

Eugene Smorodinov: Hello! I was born and live in the Republic of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, I’m 20 years old. I’m a fan of fitness and healthy lifestyle. A love of sports in me since childhood. My grandfather – excellence in physical education. He engaged me from an early age, developed Continue reading