Jogging helps to lose weight!
Running, as a way to lose weight Content: Jogging is the most effective way to lose weight and fight against excess weight. In addition, daily Jogging contribute to the improvement of health and overall health.…


Elliptical trainer for home what are
Elliptical trainer for home – choose together The elliptical trainer is great for weight loss Elliptical trainer is a combination of stepper, stationary bike and treadmill. It was invented relatively recently, 15-20 years ago, but…


Physical activity for prevention
In addition, lack of physical activity is itself a risk factor for coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death. Physical work is accompanied by an increase in the number of heart contractions. The higher the…



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Life with a pacemaker

Sports and physical exercises that should be avoided:

• Contact sports (such as karate or football).

• Scuba diving.

• Shooting from a gun or rifle. You cannot put the butt of the rifle into the shoulder, where the implanted pacemaker. The impact of the shot can cause injury to the superficial tissues over Your pacemaker.

ATTENTION . Avoid exercises and activities, where there is a threat to

call a strike on the area of the implanted pacemaker. Blow, as a rule, can not cause harm to Your device, but can damage the fabric over the pacemaker.

Avoid direct sunlight on the area of the implanted pacemaker. Be sure to wear at least a t-shirt or other clothing to protect this area.

The return to work

Implantable pacemaker should not interfere with Your employment, except Continue reading

Kettlebell sport

The development of strength endurance. Tips for beginners.

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Bad Perfectly

To gain weight once . it requires strength . But in order to squeeze the kettlebell in a certain rhythm repeatedly . need the so-called strength endurance .

Turns out that the leading component of strength endurance as the key

physical qualities, such as weight-lifting, by the way, as in the bodybuilding and fitness are strength and endurance.

Classical methods of developing strength and endurance widely known and we have already been described repeatedly (and were even shown in a methodical video), so in this article we will focus on methods of improving strength endurance in kettlebell sport .

Experience shows that a high level of development of power endurance Continue reading

Seven misconceptions about fitness

Seven misconceptions about fitness

NAC anone sports season of the famous French trainer and specialist in fitness Christophe RUELLE reviewed some common stereotypes

In spring, people will start to get rid of cellulite, will run from a heart attack, a string of sufferers will be pulled in fitness centers. City parks and yards will be filled with vigorous runners, jumpers, cyclists, skaters. On the eve of a sports season, the famous French trainer and specialist in

fitness Christophe RUELLE reviewed some common stereotypes that prevent people to exercise correctly, and as result to lose weight and Zdorovye. His thoughts coach shared with the magazine “Le Figaro”. And we were asked to Supplement the advice of a Frenchman, a Russian athlete, the four-time champion of Russia, two-time winner of world Continue reading

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