How to exercise on the elliptical trainer
How to exercise on the elliptical trainer Today Mirsovetov offers to understand how to exercise on the elliptical trainer and without the help of a coach, lose weight, increase endurance, and just feel better. The…


How to choose a trainer
How to choose a trainer? Train endurance The decision to exercise is commendable. But when going to the gym, no time, home trainer is able to train for all family members. You can attach to…


How to relieve fatigue after exercise
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Ode to the morning exercises

Ode to the morning exercises

No matter how hard the authors of handsome articles with bright pictures vying to praise the fascination and pleasure of regular and intense exercise, so we, you and I know: any sports attempts is at best routine. And at worst – an unpleasant procedure that almost all successfully avoided. And many, in General, summed up by the rejection of sport in their everyday life very real ideological basis: say, feel so devoid of any kind of vital energy and tone! Why kill yourself in the gym, leaving there last strength?

And this view is not so absurd as it may seem amid calls to urgently go to pump iron or do another marathon. Of course, I risk causing a flurry of indignant exclamations of “sports” to the public, but I hasten to inform: too intense sports activities not useful for our body. Even more than that. Overly zealous sports fans literally tear your Continue reading

How the muscles work

Skeletal muscle ensure that all goal-directed movements of the body and maintaining posture of a person. This “machine” that converts chemical energy into mechanical energy and heat. Motor elements of muscles are composed of proteins — myosin and actin. Muscle contraction and relaxation are regulated by changing the concentration of calcium ions. Therefore, when you deficiency in an athlete’s diet protein muscles are weak and increases the risk of injury, and lack of calcium can cause convulsions.

The only direct source of energy for muscle contraction is special, the phosphorous compound is adenosine triphosphate. It is also called adenozintrifosfornoy acid, is also widely used shrink — ATP. In the

splitting of ATP is produced adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and releases energy, 20-30% of which goes to the Commission of muscular work, 50-60% is converted into heat, and the remainder is expended on the maintenance of metabolism. So phosphorus Continue reading

Jogging helps to lose weight!

Running, as a way to lose weight


Jogging is the most effective way to lose weight and fight against excess weight. In addition, daily Jogging contribute to the improvement of health and overall health.

The benefit of running in the morning

In order to lose weight, it helps to do slow jogs every day. Slow and steady

running engages all muscle groups. As a result, the body will look toned and slender, excess weight goes away very quickly. In addition, this type of running well coached heart, strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation. This measured load stimulates the metabolism in the body, all the organs receive sufficient oxygen.

Jogging in the fresh air is very good in terms of psychology. They help to cope with depression. A useful property of running to strengthen the immune system is known to everyone since childhood.

How to run in the morning?

To do a run better early in the morning or 2 hours before bedtime. In the early Continue reading